Wednesday 13 April 2011

Team Treasuries!!

We just have a few treasuries this week which might make this request a little easier. There was a chat at the last team meeting about how to make our treasuries more visible. If treasuries get lots of views they are more likely to be 'hot' and therefore seen by more prospective buyers. To do this we need people to share treasuries they are featured in on their facebook and twitter accounts. Also if you you see a team treasury please leave a comment,even if you are not featured in it, as the comments help the 'hotness'. There are lots of team members making treasuries that are definitely front page worthy, I just don't think they are getting that much exposure. So instead of leaving a comment on this post, click the links and leave a comment there instead if you have a few minutes.

Don't forget if you make a team treasury(which means including 8 team items or more) please tag the treasury 'craftyirelandteam' so other team members can see it. Also if any of you are interested in making treasuries I would encourage that you avail of the new 'circles' feature on etsy, more people will see it this way, and will be more likely to leave comments.


  1. Well said Ruth. Clicked and commented....

  2. Excellent - heading over now :)

    Also, I've gone to lots of treasuries which were advertised on Twitter, so it does get peoples' butts over there :)