Calling on all team bloggers and those who always dreamt of becoming one, to write some exciting stuff for the Etsy Ireland Blog!

To contribute, please contact Shen Wong at her Etsy Store.

And you never know what will happen when you do put fingers to keyboard... We asked a Ms PO Colour from Belfast:

"Ever since I've written that article for the Etsy Ireland Blog, my sales have increased", she insisted, rattling her knitting needles. "One of my hats was featured in another blog, and I've been asked to go on a radio show."

As you can imagine we were rather intrigued. However, when the excited knitter dropped her balls of wool and while retrieving them muttered something about having found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, been asked on x-factor, and been invited to a candlelit dinner with a certain Mr Craig, we decided that the lady was spinning a bit too much yarn for our liking.

But you never know until you try!

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