Team Trading

Etsy Ireland Trading Page

What is trading?
1. You are basically paying for someone's product(s) with your product(s). You check out with the 'other' payment method which you can choose to only activate when in a trade. This way there is a record of the transaction and you can help each other’s sale numbers and leave feedback too.

2. You see a shop you like or visa versa and ask if they'd like to trade. It's perfectly fine to say no thank you.

3.You just have to pay for postage on your end

4. Of course some things cost more to post so the way it works is you combine the postage and item cost so if someone wanted a 20 euro necklace which has 4 euro postage (as an example) then I can chose an item to the value of 24 euro from their shop including postage. So if they had soap for 18 euro and postage was 6 then that's an even trade. But of course both parties have to agree on the products being traded.

5. The main thing is that you do respond.

6. Etsy has no standing on it, but allows it so long as we don't reduce prices for trades as that's fee avoidance.

7. It's a great way to get gifts!

Finally there is nothing forcing you to accept trades, but a trade friendly shop simply means you are open to it and are willing to consider them.

Etsy Shops that are open to trade within the Etsy Ireland team:

Accessories, bags, purses

Art dolls, paintings

Purity Belle

Mindful Productivity

Jewellery and supplies
Knitwear and Supplies
Soap, cosmetics, bath products

Soft furnishing, homeware

Textile Art

T-shirts, cards

Vintage, customised designs from vintage material
Fabricate Designs

Wine glass charms, bookmarks, cards

Wool and felt, iron and fine art design

If you want to be added to the list, please convo Purls