Wednesday 13 April 2011

Just a quick one about a Dublin market!

Hi everyone!  

Just a quick note about a new regular market being held in Exchange Dublin, Temple Bar.  Next one is this Saturday 16th and the one after May 7th, sharing with the Vegetarian Society of Ireland who are having a vegan bake sale. Tables are €10 for a metre square and all money goes towards keeping Exchange [a not for profit public collective arts centre] open.  Exchange is totally up for facilitating things like our team meet ups so if we'd like to try it out  I can get in contact with  It's free to use and they even have tea and coffee and the occasional packet of biscuits run on a donations basis!

Talk to you all soon,



  1. v Interesting....thanks Angela!

  2. Yes, this could be the place for an Etsy Ireland stall in the future?

  3. Great find Angela,
    Is it hoped that this market will be once a month? If so maybe we could have a look at getting 1-2 stands a month for different shops and keep the Etsy name as a constant presence..... I am out for the April and May dates but would be interested in any dates after that.... Should we be looking at getting out own banner???

  4. We should do it! Partecipating and making the banner, that is.
    We could use recycled/upcycled materials to do that, wouldn't be fun? :D

  5. Angela that would be great to have our next meeting there so we could check the venue out.I'm sure we can bring our own bickies :-)or buy them at the bake sale if it's on same day.