Tuesday 12 April 2011

Welcome New Team Members

Today we have nine shops from new & existing members to browse. Please click, click, click and leave a few hearts. We all love a heart now and then :)

Above from left to right:

Bullfinch screenprint ORIGINAL Framed from Silkscreen Sweetie;

Howlite sugar skull lariat by L Jewellery Designs;

Spring Blossom Hairvine by Jen Doyle Designs

Above from left to right:

Cabled caramel pillow case cover by Gigi82Knits;

Leather belt, 1.25 in, dark brown with horse shoes by Lakeside Leather;

Irish 0ne Pence Coin earrings from Lámhanna

Above from left to right:

Foldover Clutch PDF Sewing Pattern & Tutorial from Cuada Pattern;

Magical purple door with roses pendant from Artivity Ireland;

and last but not least Blue and white felt necklace by JKW Jewellery.

A huge warm welcome to all of you and wishing you many sales and lots of fun on Etsy. Until next time...


  1. I absolutely LOVE those one pence earrings! I wish I wasn't an American, then I could buy them more easily. :) Your page looks great!

    ~Just a Girl

  2. Welcome to the team :)

    Just a Girl, what is preventing you - as an American - from buying? I am asking because it might help us here in Ireland. I know I buy from America if it is something I really want (and have the money), although the stupid VAT on imports does put a bit of a spanner in my works...(blame our government!)

  3. Hi Purls!

    Thank you for responding to my comment! I have to laugh---I think I must have been really tired when I posted that, because I forgot that paypal can convert US dollars to Euros. :P I will have to see if I can order something soon, I would love to have some original Irish jewelry of my own! If I can't visit, at least I can have a little piece of the Emerald Isle. ;)

    Something you might want to post about for Americans would be the fact that in order to place an international order, we typically must make a call to our banks before placing our orders. If this call is not made, the bank account is (usually) frozen due to suspicion of credit/debit fraud. If I were to attempt to purchase any of the above items, I'd need to call my bank to forewarn them first.

    Thank you, I love the blog and products displayed! :)

    ~Just a Girl

    p.s. I really do like being an American. ;D