Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How-to Register with the Crafts Council of Ireland

The Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) is the support agency for the craft sector in Ireland – they are funded by the government via Enterprise Ireland and run on a not for profit basis. Their main role is to act as a champion for Irish crafts.

Why register with CCoI?

If you are registered with CCoI you:

- Can get up to date information on all that’s happening in the sector – via e-mail, e-zines, Stopress (newsletter) and the web site.

- Can get your own page on the CCoI web site

- Can get access to reduced rate insurance

- Can apply for CCoI initiatives – which include: fairs, events, exhibitions, seminars, mentoring programmes, bursaries, research missions and much more

- Can form a network with other makers and apply for funding support

- Can apply to become a member organisation (cost €100 pa) with full voting rights

- Can benefit from PR and promotional activity that CCoI undertake to promote the craft sector i.e. www.give irishcraft.ie

- Can take part in networking events and meet other makers and influencers

And best of all registration is free!

Who Can Register?

CCoI recognise a broad range of craft disciplines including:

- Basketry
- Bookbinding
- Bookmaking
- Candlemaking
- Ceramics
- Tilemaking
- Mosaic
- Fly Tying
- Fresco Painting
- Furniture Making
- Glass Making
- Horology
- Jewellery Making
- Leather Working
- Lettering
- Metal Working
- Mixed Media Constructing
- Musical Instrument Making
- Paper Working
- Papermaking
- Printmaking
- Silversmithing/Holloware
- Soapmaking
- Spinning
- Stone Working
- Textile Making
- Thatching
- Toymaking
- Woodworking

See the www.ccoi.ie for a full list.

To register you simply need to be a craftsperson working in one or more of these disciplines who designs and creates their own work (see the registration form for more detail).

Getting Started

Registration Forms are available from Mary Whelan in CCoI – 056 7796131 / maryw@ccoi.ie or you can download them from www.ccoi.ie. At the moment there is no option to register on-line (its in the pipeline) but you can scan your form and return it by e-mail if you prefer. Mary will be happy to talk you through any queries you have on the forms.

The current registration form is very detailed – but the more information you give the more services can be tailored to you.

If you are a start up business you may not be in a position to fill in all of the business section – don’t worry, just fill out as much as you can.

The information you provide enables the CCOI to tailor a suite of services to your needs and your business type – whether you are a full time craftsperson supplying the consumer market, or a part time maker focused on the gallery / collector end or indeed anything in between…


All information provided to the Crafts Council of Ireland is held in the strictest confidence. They do not pass your information to any other third party – or any other state agency.

Upcoming Events:

2011 has been designated the Year of Craft and the Crafts Council of Ireland is developing and co-ordinating a range of events and activities to celebrate this.

The World Craft Council will hold their annual conference in Dublin – this will be a 3 day event and elements of it will be open to all CCoI registered craftspeople and member organistations.

So make sure you are registered with the CCOI to find out all that is going on and to join in the activity – or indeed to have your own activities included in the celebrations.

For more information on any of the above contact Nicola Doran, at nicola@ccoi.ie or 056 7796153.


  1. I'm a member of CCoI,and registration is easy.

  2. I'm a member, agree with Valerie, registration was easy.

    I've found it hasn't been very beneficial for myself and my crafting interests - - certainly supports and highlights a higher echelon than what I create.

  3. I just had an advice from a friend to try to register with CCoI, so the post came up right on time... Thanks for info.

  4. thanks Letizia! This was one of the things on my post-holidays list of things to check out...you've done some of the leg work for me so thanks a mil!

  5. Great post, Letizia. I presume that textile making includes knitting?

  6. I did get a form and i did sit down and fill it in but the big blank square where you have to write about yourself and describe yourself is where I abandoned it for the moment....I know I should finish it but hate writing up about myself never know what to write :S

  7. I only copied & pasted girls - Nicola Doran gave us all the info & was really helpful.

    Fab photo Purls - I think knitting is on their larger list on the site.

    Amg - surely you've got enough on all your pages to piece together something about yourself without writing up anything new & if all else fails just write REALLY BIG :D

  8. Would card making count as paperworking?