Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New Treasury Challenge! - Your Christmas Wishlist

Time for a new treasury challenge!

I realised last night that this will be our last challenge this year. And I couldn't think of a better way to end than with a Christmas Wishlist! What are you really wanting this year? I also hope this will be a great way to show off some of our wares for those Christmas shoppers!

So here we go, the rules.
  1. The treasury must be curated between today and Saturday (Dec.8 - Dec.11). You will have 4 days to create and submit, then there will be 3 days for voting. This challenge will end on Tuesday, Dec.14, 23:59. Winner announced on Wednesday, Dec.15th.
  2. A link to your treasury must be posted here in the comments of this post to enter.
  3. Your treasury must contain two tags: craftyirelandteam and citchallenge5 (note the 5).
  4. You must include 8-10 Crafty Ireland Team members in your treasury.
  5. Your treasury must not include one of your own items.

    That's it!
Your incentive? Should you need one. ;)

- The winner will receive a a little feature post here on the blog AND their Etsy Mini listed in the sidebar for one whole week!

- Voting will be done via poll, which will be available on Sunday. Winner will be announced next Wednesday, Dec. 15.

I hope that you've all enjoyed these challenges!! And I can't wait to see what the future holds for us next year!

Happy Holidays!!


Entries so far (Voting is now closed! )

- I Will Take One Of Everything Please by 9design

- All I Want for Christmas Under One Roof by AvaRoseDesigns

- Santa Baby...... by HuggleKnits

- Eco Santa ... by karoart

- I'd love to find THIS under my tree by purlsofcolour

- Snow is falling... Christmas is coming!!! by patchworkdelights

- Dear Santa by IrishBounty

- Gifts for Her...Yeah ok, I Meant Me! by byAMOR


  1. Hey Guys first time entering a treasury challenge

    Hope everybody likes it.

  2. love it! thank you, Paul! So glad you joined in!


    My first treasury too. This was so fun and made me realise how talented the craftyireland team are. I came across such beautiful stuff.

    So all I want for Christmas is to spend time at home. I hope you like it.

    Carla xxx

  4. that is so sweet, Carla! happy you joined us for this one as well!

  5. Oooh, the competition already looks steep indeed! Gorgeous treasuries - I'll throw my yarn in as soon as I get a minute :)

  6. Just love the collections so far....mmmmm
    Here's my "homage" to some of our amazing CraftyIrelandTeam. Sorry I couldnt fit in some more....

  7. That is gorgeous, Mo! adding ya now!

  8. My first treasury challenge!
    It's addictive, I can't stop now...
    I almost have another one ready. Am I allowed to make few entries for one challenge?
    I'm overenthusiastic:)
    Have a look and enjoy...

  9. Hi Karo!

    Well, you can make as many as you'd like! The more the better. :)
    But, I can only count one as an entry. Is this the one you'd like to enter for the challenge?

  10. Oh my goodness, cutting down my Etsy favourites to 16 was tough! Here's my wish list...just looking at all the gorgeous items makes me all merry!

  11. Hey guys, this is my entry

    X Fi

  12. Yeah got it made in time!

    Dear Santa (I know I need help wikth titles!)

  13. Yes, I think I'll stick with this one:)thank you.

  14. Wonderful! They are all fabulous!

    Adding you all now! :)


    Here's my entry. A girl can wish, can't she?

  16. Voting is closed.
    Winner will be announced shortly! :)