Saturday, 31 July 2010

Etsy Ireland Needs You!

Can you resist those eyes? Jacob, the big Swede (well he does come from a place called Ikea...), is calling on all team bloggers and those who always dreamt of becoming one, to write some exciting stuff for the Etsy Ireland Blog!

We need articles for our sections 'How to Tuesdays', 'Trade Secrets Thursdays' and 'Eyes Open Ireland' in particular, also Introductions and 'I'll Show You Mine', but any ideas are welcome!

Contact me, Brigitte, at my Etsy Shop if you have any article or idea for this blog, and Bridget at her shop for 'Eyes Open Ireland'.

And you never know what will happen when you do put fingers to keyboard... We asked a Ms PO Colour from Belfast:

"Ever since I've written that article for the Etsy Ireland Blog, my sales have increased", she insisted, rattling her knitting needles. "One of my hats was featured in another blog, and I've been asked to go on a radio show."

As you can imagine we were rather intrigued. However, when the excited knitter dropped her balls of wool and while retrieving them muttered something about having found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, been asked on x-factor, and been invited to a candlelit dinner with a certain Mr Craig, we decided that the lady was spinning a bit too much yarn for our liking.

But you never know until you try!


  1. Using teddy tactics now! lol! I have some snapshots for Eyes wide open that i must sent to Bridget pronto! Thanks for the reminder Purls ;)

  2. thanks for the 'bear facts' heh heh. I'll be in touch re articles I'm working on Purls.

    Food for thought for potential bloggers:
    Google analytics show me that every time I publish a post on here my shop views soar or at least go up a bit.

    Also, when I go into 'traffic sources' and trace the referral path from the Etsy Ireland blog, I can see that certain articles bring more views, not just on the day of publishing, but afterwards too. Surprisingly, the one I wrote on how to clean copper has brought the most views.

    Writing for the blog aint a bad idea folks....

    oh and if anyone knows how to really make use of Google analyticss, I for one, would looooove to read an article on it.....

  3. Hehehe, Tanya, teddy bear tactics are great! Who can say 'no way' to such a cuddly bear!!!

    Anne-Marie, great suggestion! An article about Google analytics would be brilliant.

    I also have a plea - just sent off my first package (hurrah!) and realised that my packaging skills are not up to scratch! So anything about creating nice packaging on a shoestring budget, and any posting tips (especially posting to America and Australia) would be very welcome! I know we had various great articles or parts of articles on packaging, but the more the merrier!

  4. Ok have been guilted into it by that cute bear.
    Have sent some articles in
    Fingers crossed :)

  5. Hehehehe, the bear tactics seem to work :)

    Spiralgoddess, thanks! Are these articles for me, or for Bridget? I haven't got them yet, so assume they are for Eyes Open Ireland?