Friday 30 July 2010

Fab Five on Friday

Featured items:
Peach Lampwork Glass and Copper Earrings by Balanced
Champagne Freshwater Button Pearl Bracelet by TheBusyBeadCompany
Pink and Cream Embellished Crochet Flowers by AnnieDesign
Thanks Card by LuckyRainbowDesigns
Coral Rose and Amazonite Beaded Necklace by ABoxForMyTreasure

Chosen by Beth of magpieandbutton.
If you would like to suggest or curate a Fab Five on Friday, just send me an Etsy convo :) 


  1. gorgeous! Thank you for featuring me! How did you do the cute thing of creating a notice board!! :)

  2. You're welcome Rebecca!
    I got all the images separately (frame, cork background, notepaper, etc.) and smushed them together in Photoshop. If I'd given myself more time I might have added shadows and made it more realistic!

  3. This selection is sooo pretty and dainty! And I really like the way you've done the noticeboard.

  4. This al looks so gorgeous and feminine. And I love the way you presented it Beth.

  5. How pretty!
    Thanks for including me, Beth. :)

  6. It looks just wonderful! Thank you for including me :)