Monday, 2 August 2010


Greetings from the Crafty News Desk.....
This week's picture was taken on a recent visit to Belfast.

Only 1 piece of breaking news in this week so far>>>>>>(via Twitter) Bad news for Toejam Carboot Sale, Dublin fans - next sale on August 14th has been cancelled.


Tis happy holiday time for me - when you are reading this I will be in Galway having my cobwebs blown away. As I write this (Friday 30th at 2pm) there are no major news items to report but I am sure there are many crafty happenings taking place all over the country.

So I am inviting you to add your news on the comments below of
  • where you are selling in the coming week,
  • details of any selling opportunities the gang should know about and
  • any general comments you would like to share.

If time allows I will update it during the week with any snippits of info I come across.

You should also click into the Etsy Ireland Facebook page for loads of info on what some of our team members are up to.

So thats if for now....... I am off to pack the case and dig out my walking boots.

Loads of Crafty luck to all.


Mo aka


  1. I still have to join Facebook!!!

    The Fashion Souk is on this weekend on 8 August 2010 from 1-5pm in the Ulster Hall, Belfast. I am writing a longer piece on the Souk at the moment, which will be published tomorrow, but just to say that Etsy sellers Little Blue Cottage and myself will be there :)

    And those swans! They look really familiar - Lagan Towpath by any chance?

  2. Oh fab, must try to remember about the Souk - remind me!!! Would be great to support you and see you face to face. I think I recognise those swans too.

  3. Oh brilliant! I am looking forward to meeting you, Carrie!!!

    There is also Craft Month in Northern Ireland in August, organised by CraftNI ( I don't know much about it, but have heard there'll be lots of YARNBOMBING!