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Promoting your Business

Promoting Your Jewellery Business
The Basics
(2) Business Cards

It is absolutely essential to have a business card. You have just gone to all that trouble to make something, someone likes it, buys it, you sell it to them and then... let them go? Of course not! You want then to come back and to come back they have to remember who you are. When you have sold something a business card should always be popped into the bag with the item.

A business card is an item that is always picked up at shows, even by those people who don't buy from you on that day. They may be people who might tell someone else about your lovely stuff, even if they don't buy themselves. You don't want them to forget who you are.

Very often business cards are slung on a pile with others, or left on the side. If you're lucky, your business card might be pinned on a notice board. The point is that you have to make your business card stand out from the others.

You could design one yourself or pay a graphic artist to do their magic for you. It should, of course, represent you and your business, and the more professional it looks, the better.

I personally use Vistaprint, who even print basic cards for free (you have to pay the postage of course). They do really nice colour cards, and have lots of designs to choose from. If you want something more special they print glossy cards too, and they have about the best prices I know of. The downside is that they always want to add you to their mailing list and you will receive lots of offers for free items, but what you don't want you can simply delete. I have had business cards, postcards and note pads printed through them. Their prices are great.

If you prefer face to face dealings then your local print shop are usually a good starting point and can design cards up for you from scratch.


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  1. Hi Everyone:)
    This is a great post Sue! Im a graphic designer and also love MOO printers. They might be a bit pricer than visaprint regularly but they do a brilliant deal for ETSY sellers, first set of mini/business cards free:)

    The mini cards which work great as tags -

    And bushiness cards -

    So no excuses not to give bushiness cards a try:)

  2. No-doubt business cards are essential for every business especially when you are going to represent your business in an exhibition, show or business deals. Therefore it should be unique, attractive and full of basic information retarding your and your business. In this scenario embossed business cards are very effective to get attraction

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