Sunday 13 January 2013

Introduction to Anna - Pinterest Co-ordinator

My name is Anna and in the new Etsy Ireland Admin Team I will be looking after the Crafty Ireland Pinterest Page, which you can already follow by going to
The page will be run as a collection of boards, each of them inspired by a theme, very much like Etsy Treasuries really. Although you won't be able to pin directly into the page, you can certainly re-pin from it!

I'm hoping to make this page a promotional tool for the Etsy Ireland Team members not only to get to know each other, but also to make our products more visible to a wider public.
As the co-ordinator of this page, my intention is to be able to pin as many of you and your products as possible, according to the idea or theme I'm working on. The themes are very much inspired by the main upcoming events, and once I have chosen one, I search the group for items tagged with words related to that theme, and also with the tag 'craftyirelandteam'. After search, my choice is purely based on the images of your products that you have listed on your shop - I don't even look at the name of the shops until I finish the board, so please don't take it personally if your products do not happen to be pinned at a certain time of in a certain board.

If you are interested in this project I will need your co-operation, so please make sure of the following to increase your chances of being pinned in the boards:

  • Upload beautiful, interesting pictures of your products - stunning images is what we're after if we want to seduce the eye and attract attention...!
  • TAG ALL your products with the 'craftyirelandteam' tag - this is EXTREMELY important as it is the quickest and most successful way (if not the only way) for me to find you in the Etsy universe.
  • Make sure your product title and tags are descriptive, appropriate and updated for the next upcoming event (for example: I've seen some images which would have been suitable for the theme I'm working on at the moment - Valentine's Day - but the items still have Christmas as a tag so I just can't use them!
  • Encourage every Irish Etsy Seller to join the Etsy Ireland Team, if they haven't yet, as the more products available to pin the better the boards will look. 
  • Invite everyone you know to visit and check our Pinterest Page on a regular basis.
I'm working on some other ideas, which I will put to you shortly, so make sure you visit the Etsy Ireland pages (discussion forum, blog and so on) regularly.
If you would like a bit more about me you're welcome to check me out in my Etsy shop profile!
Best wishes
Craft around the clock


  1. thanks Anna. I joined Pinterest but haven't really worked out what to do with it so thanks for the heads up.

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for volunteering to be the Pinterest coordinator. I'll make sure to follow your guidelines and am already following Etsy Ireland Pinterest.