Tuesday 31 January 2012


Hi everyone. My name is Caroline Kelly from Cari Design and I am the new Etsy Ireland Blog Co-ordinator!! (I am liking the sound of my new 'title'!!) And here I am so you all know who you are in touch with.
I am relatively new to the wonderful world of blogging so please bear with me if there are any (hopefully small) errors! I am keen and eager to get going so if any of you would like to contribute an article to the Etsy Ireland Blog please contact me through my Etsy shop Cari Design. Please let me know the topic of the piece, a good time for me to post it for you and an email address in your message. I promise to try and keep things interesting from my end and hopefully you all out there will have some really fascinating and crafty news items for me! That is it for my first post. Looking forward to hearing from lots of you soon. Thanks for reading! Caroline Cari Design


  1. Hey Cari
    well done on stepping forward! Great to see fresh input into the team.

  2. Welcome Cari! Enjoy your new job - I certainly had a great time (so did Jacob, the bear!)

  3. Hi Caroline,
    great to see you and welcome. Hope you will enjoy your time at the helm... Will look forward to reading all the new articles on the blog over the coming months.

  4. Hey Caroline, Well done for stepping up!! It's a big job, but I'm sure you'll do great!