Monday 23 August 2010


Greetings from the Crafty News Desk
(This weeks picture of some ferns was taken last March in the Dublin mountains.)

 I am starting this week with a reference to the new layout of the ETSY shops.  How does everyone feel about it?  I think the fact that the items are given more visual exposure once the shop is opened is a good thing.  I know that some people have shortened their description to account for the change.  Have a look at the following link before you do it....DON'T LOOSE VALUABLE SEO EXPOSURE....


Ruth from NiceDayDesigns has a special offer on her etsy site this week....10% discount to all EtsyIrelandTeam members on custom made mirror/badges and magnets.  Just put "Etsy Ireland Promotion" in message to seller.  She can also use your own designs - great idea for party favours etc.  contact here at


Check out the Blog giveaway from  Beth at


Brigitte at PurlsofColour has news that the University of Ulster are looking for designs for contemporary souvenirs.  A project funded by the Arts Council are looking for submissions of online concepts for the origination and design of highly imaginative products for the souvenir market and beyond.  Closing date is 20 September.  If you are interested and need more info plus a copy of the application form contact or Brigitte at


This week is heritage week across Ireland.  Check out their website for what is on near you... 

News in from the Wool Museum in Leenane, Co Galway...All week they are holding workshops and demonstrations on wool-dyeing, spinning, weaving as well as craft walks and knitalongs.  Check out their facebook page here and their website


Next weekend is the big Which Course Expo in the RDS - loads of stands with information on course/classes and all things studious for the coming Winter months.


How is everyone doing with the local markets in Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Dublin?  Are you involved with any in other locations?  We would love to hear how you are doing.....


That's it for this week.
Mo aka


  1. Thanks Mo!
    As to the new layout, I really like it. I find it makes the shops look so much better and more professional! I look at my shop and feel proud. I just need to tweak the announcement so that it doesn't end in mid-sentence, that bugs me. That's the only drawback of the new design for me, but can be fixed...

  2. thanks for the link to handmadeology.

    I like the new layout. Another way of looking at the announcement ending mid sentence - it makes me want to click to see the rest. Maybe it's not so.....


  3. I tweaked mine too coz I didn't like that drop off mid-sentence. I'm not really lovin' the new layout yet but I'm sure it'll grow on me.