Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wishing You Success, Getting To Know You #25

Hi! Anne-Marie of Handmade by Amo'r here with this month's Getting To Know You post. 

The idea is to introduce the Etsy Ireland Team to another Etsy team via a 50-50, cross-team treasury and mutually promote.
Lookout Binoculars, Humerous Photography,  Blue
'Lookout Binoculars' by Green Goose Gallery, Etsy Ireland Team
 Usually when picking a team to feature, I set out with a particular theme or idea in mind and find a team that matches the criteria. A bit stumped and fed up of Back to School treasuries, yet not quite ready for full-on Autumn or Halloween, I decided to randomly browse all Etsy teams for inspiration. I came across a team I simply couldn't ignore:
the We Haven't Sold team.  With an up-front and candid name like that, who could pass them by?

This team started up in 2011 and now has 63 members. While a number of members are not listing currently, many are building up their shops. I'm really glad to see that some of the longer established ones have since sold, and sold well. Perhaps getting together as a team has been part of their success? 
School Spirit, Team Colors, Simple Braid and Beads Necklace or Anklet
School Spirit Team Colours by Peaceful Design, We Haven't Sold Team
Who can join?
- anyone who has been on Etsy more than a month and hasn't sold anything
- anyone who wants to help others sell their items
- anyone who wants to help others promote their shop
- anyone who wants help on how to improve their shop 

And here is the cross-team treasury:

'Changing Seasons' by byAMOR

Getting To Know You Cross Team Treasury. ETSY IRELAND TEAM would like to welcome the WE HAVEN'T SOLD TEAM with this 50-50 treasury.

Burnt orange double spiral w...

Beeswax Candles - Set of 5 M...

Eco Chic Necklace. Statement...

Golden Grasses, late summer ...

Irish Countryside - Rural Ir...

Flower Stud Dangle Earrings,...

Yellow cluster wool felt pin...

Orange Silk Dupion Drum Lamp...

Original Hand painted Autumn...

Vintage Tan Suede Light Jack...

Linen Placemats Modern Trees...

Set of 125 - 3D Handmade Bu...

Wood Birch Flower - Natural ...

Decorative orange pillow cov...

Paper Ring and Hair Clip Set...

Hello Kitty Polka Dots Headb...

 Please do give the We Haven't Sold team a warm, Irish welcome by commenting here, and/or clicking into the treasury and commenting, clicking, sharing etc. And if you haven't sold yet, take heart...wishing you all loads of success! Being in a strong team should help you on the road.


  1. Great article and well done on finding this group. Hi to all !! :)

  2. I should probably join that team...even though I am currently getting lots of good advice in September mentor month so hoping that my situation will change soon.