Sunday, 6 October 2013

Etsy Update

Hi Everyone,

Here it is, we all hate what Etsy are doing, and we all want them to back up. If we can get them to then we will. Purls and I have put in our two cents worth, as many of you have, and many thousands of others, including whole teams, including this team (see previous post) as well as individuals.

Many are opening shops elsewhere, and maybe they will be better in the long run. Lets hope so for all of those moving over.

However, as team captain, I would just ask you to be cautious. Perhaps open up other shops elsewhere if you want to, that is your choice. Maybe I will too, maybe I won't, but one thing is for sure I won't move 'lock stock and barrel' in haste.

It's coming up to Christmas, our busiest time as small businesses, and letting this upset you will do you no good and could possibly do you great harm. 

We can try and change it, indeed we are, but If we can't change it, we might as well do what we’re doing only better, and make customers that DO come to our shops on Etsy see that we are not mass producers.

The good news is that this bright side is super easy to see. It’s very bright. The dark side may be there but wasting your time worrying about it won’t make you a penny. It won’t sell you a thing! 

Focus on your dreams, on your big ideas, on your small ideas, on your NEXT POSITIVE STEP. And do that.

Leave it to someone else to worry about the mass producer from Timbuktu while you focus on your own creativity and potential.

Purls and I will continue to fight on the team's behalf, and on the behalf of each team member as an individual too. By all means keep fighting individually too, open u somewhere else as well as Etsy, but please, please, don't act in haste coming up to the busy period and ruin things for yourselves.


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