Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fresh Appeal for Blog Contributors

Hi Anne-Marie of byAMOR here. Last month an appeal for new committee volunteers was posted on this blog. A big thank you goes to those who have put themselves forward for various roles. However, the team still needs a Blog Co-ordinator and contributing hosts to keep the Crafty Ireland Team blog alive and kicking.

I have been a regular blog host for the past year but for now, have to step back for a while due to health issues and other commitments. I will continue to contribute on occasion but I feel that the blog could do with some fresh input. Like me, Brigitte (aka Purls) of Purls of Colour, our fandabulous Blog Co-ordinator, has also completed two terms in her role and she too needs to step down and attend to other commitments.

So your team needs YOU! You know you can’t resist the call...and if 'the call' doesn't reach you, maybe this cute puppy's begging eyes will....

I'm confident I can speak for Brigitte too when I say the past year on the committee has been very rewarding. Getting involved in the team has helped us get to know many fellow members and to forge great working relationships with several of you. I also found blogging has given me another creative outlet. Contributing to the team blog can raise your profile, improve your internet presence, and if my Google Analytics statistics are right, send more traffic to your shop. While contributing regularly, the blog was one of the main referring sites to my store. I haven’t been able to post an article in several weeks and the ratio has shifted significantly. However, articles I wrote even a year ago are still sending me visitors.

The weekly slots, ‘How to Tuesdays’ and ‘Trade Secrets Thursdays,’ need regular as well as once-off or occasional contributors. Anyone on the team can write for the blog and you don’t need to be no James Joyce. And anything goes as long as it is somehow related or relevant to the Crafty Ireland team, handmade, homemade, craft, art, Etsy, etc. Don’t be put off if you’ve never written before. You might discover a new talent! Plenty of help is on hand with posting if you are new to blogging. I found this how to on blogging by Ruth of Nice Day Designs very useful.
For the past 12 months I contributed mainly to Trade Secret Thursdays, roughly every fortnight. This has proven an excellent way to give back to the team, flex my writing skills and also flag my Etsy store. If you are a little time poor to look after your own daily blog to promote your store, becoming a regular contributor for the Etsy Ireland blog may be the perfect solution.

But there’s no point having contributors without a Blog Co-ordinator to knit it all together. The main aspects of the role are to schedule contributions, monitor content, contribute where needed and keep it all flowing and lovely. Fuller details can be found in this post. Like all committee roles, the position is rotated every 6 months, with the option to continue for longer. Brigitte will be around to help the new Co-ordinator get started. "Being Blog Co-Ordinator has been a fabulous and rewarding experience'' she says. "You really get to know your team and learn so many interesting and useful things. And not to forget, it's also great fun!!!"

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity please post a comment below or contact our out-bound Blog Co-ordinator Brigitte (Purls of Colour), who can set you up.


  1. Wonderful article, AM! I haven't really anything to add - just to urge people to come forward. Go on, you will, you will, you will...

  2. A few people have come forward as occasional hosts - keep em coming! A panel of writers is great!
    Still need a Co-ordinator though.

  3. I hope you get a co-ordinator soon girls. I drop by every once in a while & it's so weird to only have one post a week to catch up on, It'd be such a shame if the blog was to finish.

  4. I'd be more than willing to be the blog co-ordinator and/or an area representative for Cork.

    I'm only recently taking my interest in craft seriously but have great connections in Cork- seeing as I live there - is location an issue? I also studied English lit in college (i.e. can write blog posts) and have extensive experience with Google products (tech support). I've also previously co-ordinated a few projects. Let me know if you would like me to help out.

  5. Hi Amy
    this sounds really great! I can't seem to find a link to your Esty shop on your blog to convo you. Please would you post it here or contact our out-bound Co-ordinator, Purls of Colour (functioning link is at the bottom of the article). Thank you!!