Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Committee Vacancies

Our new Etsy Ireland Team Committee is nearly complete. However, we urgently need volunteers for the remaining jobs:

Blog Co-ordinator (rotated every 6 months)
  • work with the 'blog hosts' to provide daily content on the blog
  • create a blog timetable/ calendar through shared docs, for instance Google Calendar
  • write articles, especially when there are gaps in the schedule
  • edit submitted articles if necessary
  • deal with minor technical glitches on the blog
  • add blog hosts/ regular contributors as blog authors to the blog so that they can publish their articles themselves
  • encourage members to submit content, this involves mentioning the blog in the team forums and to new members, as well as publishing calls for new content on the blog regularly
  • co-operate with the Blog Designer to have regular design changes
  • be the contact person for the blog and respond to queries

Weekly Crafty News Reporter: reports on interesting crafty events, markets and developments

Natalie from the Blue Sylph

Treasury Curator: publishes summary of the weekly Etsy Ireland Team Treasuries and runs Team Treasury Challenges

More Blog Hosts: responsible for assisting Blog Co-Ordinator in maintaining a complete blog schedule and help fill gaps where necessary.

Mo from Huggleknits

More people for the PR Team/Think Tank
Area representatives for Dublin, Belfast and Cork

Dublin: Natalie from the Blue Sylph

To keep the blog running smoothly and have regular content, it is important that we do have dedicated writers and a blog co-ordinator. I (Purls) will be hanging around and write the odd article, so whoever takes up my mantle will not be left hanging out to dry in this Irish weather.

Puzzled by fiorejewellery

It seems our potential crafty writers and editors are a bit shy. Step forward and shine!!!


  1. Would love to help but when I start back at college in September things are way too busy...but if you need a hand until then let me know.


  2. Hands are always needed, especially writing hands :) Fancy writing us some articles?

  3. I am going to make a suggestion re the Crafty News..... If I could get 4 people,1 from each province, who would do a News update for the area once every 5 weeks on rotation it would be great. Then I am willing to do an overall update and Dublin one every 5 weeks also. So calling all roving reporters, whats happening in your province???? why not volunteer to share on a monthly basis????

  4. That's a great idea, Mo!

    Maybe I need to remind people that getting your name in print on this blog with a link to your shop increases shop views.


  5. that is true Purls. According to Google analytics, the referring site that consistantly sends a lot of visitors to my shop is this blog and it's not always the latest article, but older ones I wrote a year ago are still sending views.

  6. Just checking you have me down for PR / Think Tank?


  7. Yes, so far it's you and Sue :)

    However, we've got a new Crafty News reporter - Natalie from the Blue Sylph! Welcome on board :)