Tuesday, 28 June 2011

And the winner is...

Congratulations AuntyApplesReFinery for winning this month's Etsy Ireland Treasury Challenge 'Teamwork'!!!

Thank you to all those who participated and voted in this rather difficult challenge, and once we have a new Treasury Curator *hint hint* there will be more challenges to come! A special mention goes to Dita Maulani, who joined the challenge from as far as Indonesia.

Now the spotlight is on Apple. You can also admire her Mini Etsy on the sidebar for a week.

Apple is 31 and lives in Arklow. Married to a Dublin man, she has one child, Lennon, who is a cute two years of age. In a past life, she was a Software Engineer, but after having her baby, she fell ill and was made redundant. This very difficult situation led to a new opportunity when her sister, our very own Etsy Ireland Blog Designer, Maggie (thebowmakers), introduced her to Etsy and convinced her to start "the secret making things club" again. This is like a think thank for Apple and her friends - they make lovely, high quality products and sell them as cheaply as possible.

Apple's passion is baking (mostly for family and friends) and out of necessity she had to make her own cake stands. Therefore, she started collecting vintage plates to fill her dresser and ended up with a wendy house full.

She would love to take other people's heirloom mis-matched plates from dusty corners and turn them into something usable. Her inspiration comes from Arklow pottery, because it was made in the place she lives in, Arklow. Furthermore, Apple's mother worked in the pottery in the 1970s. Sadly, like so many things, it is not being made anymore and is getting very hard to find.

Please visit Apple's blog for more:


  1. congratulations, Apple!
    well deserved!

  2. Well done! Tis beeeooootiful. That's interesting that your mum worked for arklow pottery and you use pottery now in your work. Cool.