Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Welcome New Members...

It's my pleasure to introduce you to our latest group of Etsy Ireland members. We have nine great new shops to browse. So if you get a chance over the next couple of days please pay them a visit and drop off a few hearts. And to all our new members, remember you can see who hearts you at a glance here.

Above from left to right:

1888 Rare Antique Book - The Light of Asia - Marbled Cover Blue Gold Turquoise from The Ink Spot Book Shop;

Hand spun wool yarn, cream cheviot 80g by Teddy Baby;

Resin Cameo Cabochon Lady from Irish Findings.

Above from left to right:

3 Angel Head Embelishments from vixyvixy;

Bella Figura Wedding Invites-Nantucket Letterpress by Pretty as a Picture;

Silk White Wedding Hat by Shabbycloche.

Above from left to right:

Spring Sunrise Purple and Blue Hooded Jumperdress by Pooka Designs;

Little Feather Long Chain Earrings by nicobel;

and last but not least Vilette by Charlotte Bronte and Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson from TheDukesHat.

Great to have you all on board and looking forward to seeing more gorgeous goodies popping up from you in the near future. Until next time....


  1. Welcome new members and your fabulous shops!

    I love love love Teddy Baby's yarns (I got me some and vouch for their groovyness) - and can also recommend 'Vilette' by Charlotte Bronte. Great book!

  2. Welcome all...I got lost browsing your shops. I'm loving the vintage books.