Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'll Show You Mine..

Hi and welcome to my studio – ‘Diana’s Art’ and of course that’s me! 

A bit about me, I share a house in Dublin with my daughter Liza, who works in the City, Hubby works in America and I only get to see him three or four times a year, so I have plenty of time to paint and garden. I moved to Dublin after a year in the US before that, Spain and Germany and originally England so you could say I’ve been around!
I love Dublin because it’s small in comparison to many capitol cities and feels much friendlier and there’s a lot to see and do here and easy to get around in too.

My studio space is in our third bedroom and is rather bijou especially as I am a bit chaotic when I work. I bought a desk and a table from good old IKEA, they have had them wherever I have lived and I love them. There’s just room enough for computer,printer, paints, easels and me. I tend to cover myself in paint, don’t know how! And most of my clothes have the odd blob of colour here and there. I paint mainly in oils but also like to play around with acrylics, watercolour and pastels.

I like to paint lots of different subjects from kids to kittens, portraits to landscapes, still life to abstracts. I fell in love with painting while living in Spain and haven’t stopped since. I started out painting in watercolour, went on to acrylic paints and now oils and my goal is to keep on improving and selling my paintings.

 You Dubliners probably recognise the above bridge! 

I love Etsy, it is the greatest selling venue, I have tried at least 10 other sites and didn’t sell a thing on them (I still keep a couple) Sales are uncomplicated and always a thrill to get, I would recommend  Etsy to anybody and I have!
  If you'd like to see more of my work you can visit my website
 Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi there just love your work, full of light and life. Thanks for sharing

  2. Diana, thank you for sharing with us! Your portraits (esp the one with the little girl), your landscapes and the little sneak peek of your florals are beautiful!

  3. Thanks Mo and Tanya for your comments, much appreciated!

  4. i love your paintings, especially that bridge!
    thanks for sharing your studio!

  5. Really gorgeous work! Thank you, Diane:)

  6. Great art! Your many travels and experiences must have influenced your fab style. off to checking out your blog. thanks Diana

  7. love the bridge, great work!

  8. I love your lil studio area! I would love to step in there. :P

    You are immensely talented! Thanks for sharing your space with us. :)