Thursday, 27 May 2010

How to: Stand out from the crowd and be remembered

Selling on Etsy can be pretty tough going - there are a HUGE amount of sellers on the site, all vying for the attention of buyers. So, when we do manage to grab a buyer's attention and make a sale it’s really important to make a good impression, so that the buyer remembers who we are. Why? Because a buyer who remembers you and likes what you do can become a valued repeat customer and referrer.

I’ve written previously about newsletters and how they can play a part in building relationships with our customers, but not all customers opt to receive newsletters. So what else can you do to help a buyer to remember you?

Buyers often choose to make a purchase on Etsy to avoid buying and supporting big brands and because they love to be able to buy a handcrafted item directly from the crafter. Little personal can touches can create a real connection between you and your buyer and don’t need to cost the earth and they're one of the strong points of difference you can create for a customer buying on Etsy, compared to buying elsewhere:

  • Acknowledge a sale with a thank you convo/email; notify the customer when their order will be posted and the expected delivery time, based on their location. This might sound fairly basic, but as someone who shops on Etsy ALOT I come across many sellers who never acknowledge my purchase, which leaves me wondering (a) have they noticed my order? and (b) if they did notice my purchase, when will it be posted to me?
  • Include business cards in your packages (don’t be shy about including an extra one or two for the customer to pass on to their friends and family). You can also get these for free!
  • Use labels with your shop name / website address in your packaging - you can print these up on basic stationary shop mini-labels - this will help to reinforce your shop name/brand with the customer.
  • Put a little bit of thought into your packaging, so that your customer is excited about opening their purchase. Tanyamac did a great post on her blog recently on re-using and jazzing up bubble mailers.
  • Include a thank you note - it doesn’t have to be long and is such a nice personal touch.
If you have any other tips that have worked for you please add them in the comments.

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  1. Great post :) Thanks! LolaDee x

  2. Great info Judith - so many good tips here! I'm an etsy shopper too and like you say so many sellers don't even acknowledge the sale which makes the whole transaction a little faceless. Much like what you get in a big box store!

    Another tip would be to leave friendly feedback for your customer following a sale - not your usual copy and paste message i.e 'Great buyer, quick payment blah blah'. Be 'personal' make a connection and hopefully that customer will come back to you and might even leave some glowing feedback for you too! ;)

  3. Oh yes - Tanya - totally agree with that feedback tip!

  4. Some great ideas that I cant wait to try out. Thanks a mill

  5. I totally agree!! I've made a real effort with my new second shop to improve this side of my business, and it really paid off as I now have lots of return customers, which is important when you're selling supplies.

    I also include a small badge or magnet with all my orders, or if they spend over a certain amount I include a more substantial free gift.

    It's also a nice idea if you wanted to give a free gift to your milestone sales, say your 50th or 100th sale, and include a little note explaining to the customer why.

    It's so important to distinguish ourselves from the faceless multinational stores.

    Thanks for your great tips!!

  6. Some great tips here - thanks so much!

    I can't stress enough the importance of communication - as a buyer I don't like to have my purchase go unacknowledged as, like Judith, I'd wonder if they'd even registered the purchase and would wonder when to expect it in the post.

    As for the seller's viewpoint, I did exactly as you suggested Ruth, with a free gift for both my 50th and 100th sales, and those two customers have returned time and time again with lovely feedback and have also referred other customers :)

  7. great article judith!
    i also don't like when my purchase is not acknowledged, and really appreciate sellers who are very thoughtful and quick to reply to convos. this is what makes buying from Etsy all the more special.

    great packaging, a thank you note and a little freebie makes all the difference in how your shop will be perceived by your buyers. ^-^

  8. This is all helpful- thank you!

  9. I love the idea of gifts for milestone sales - that's definitely something I'll do in future!


  10. Great article and tips. What else can I add? Where applicable / appropriate, I include cleaning and care instructions/tips eg for wire wrapped Connemara marble on sterling silver. It's the little extras that make the difference.