Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Chit chat catch up - Dublin meeting round up

It was great to see a swag of people at the Dublin meet-up last Saturday, 22 May at the Snail Bar. We had some of the usual suspects show their support and some newer faces too which is always so lovely to see (thanks TanyaMac, Judith from Aboxformytreasure, Anne-Marie from byAMOR, Angela from ArtySmarty, Natalie from theBlueSylph, Aine from MissAine, HazelDonnelly, Mo from Huggleknits, Margo from Lilabelledesign). And because my brain is mush I hereby apologise because I know I've missed someone's name! Sorry sorry sorry!

After sampling the excellent made-from-scratch-fresh-lemonade which looked quite like this pic (yum) the things we discussed were:

1 - Nominations are now open for the 2 roles of team admin as it is time for Ruth and myself to hang up our hats and fix the hat-hair and move along. As with previous caretakers (thanks Tanya and Sarah!) the role is for a 6 month period and involves managing the blog (ie setting up the schedule for posts, organising people to contribute, keeping it ticking over with Fresh Picks, maintaining the list of members, dealing with Etsy regarding the team admin, pitching ideas to press & journos etc for publicity) and just being a general all round legend of an organiser. Sounds easy peasy huh?!? That list of things gets divvied up between the 2 people so it's not all down to one soul to manage. We're kind like that.

So if you'd like to put up your hand and ask not what your Etsy team can do for you but what you can do for your Etsy team, get in touch with either Alex (me!) or Ruth at Nicedaysupplies and make us proud. There will be a gentle hand over period of a month or so to ease you in and show you the ropes.

And it may be a good idea for the 2 people to come from different areas across this fine land, as that helps prompt more local meet ups etc. But we'll take all applications! Go on, pitch in and help us out.

2 - The Bernard Shaw car boot sale is on June 5th and is a reasonably priced opportunity to display your fine wares at a Dublin market. Have a look-see here for the info and get in touch if you'd like to grab a stall (or a car-boot). Stalls are EUR20. There is also an opportunity for a reduced price (or maybe free) stall space if anyone was willing to do a demonstration or how-to stall. This would be a great opportunity to wave the Crafty Ireland banner as a team event, so if anyone (a few of you joining together to work as representatives of the Crafty Ireland team?) would be up for that, leave a comment, but it will have to be quick as it's obviously not too far away.

3 - The Phisbsboro Phizzfest is in its planning stages for September. Natalie from theBlueSylph has been in touch with them regarding the plans and has feelers out for something we could do together as a team ... the ideas of a pop-up shop, stalls, demonstrations were all discussed. So keep it in mind for September and any more info we get about it will be posted here.

4 - We had an impromptu swap shop at the end of all the chit chat. This was suggested by Natalie from TheBlueSylph and was a great idea. If we do this again at the next meeting, Mo from Huggleknits suggested that we agree beforehand for people to bag up a little package of things to an agreed value (€2 or €5 perhaps) so it evens out the process. Great idea I think.

And of course lots of general chit chat went on and there were some excellent pancakes and coffee ingested amongst other things. It has to be done.

And did I mention we need 2 hardy souls to take the reins of this crazy Crafty train and guide us into the next 6 months? I did? :o)

Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their valuable weekend to come along, your support is greatly appreciated!

A Cork meeting is pencilled in for June 19th, so leave a comment if you're up for that and Ruth will coordinate the finer details. Cheers!

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  1. It sounds like you all had a very successful meeting. Great stuff! I'm only sorry I had to miss out on it. As for Cork on the 19th - I'm there! :)