Tuesday 6 October 2009

How To Tuesday - Glowing Jam Jars!

These altered jam jars are super easy and fun to create. An ideal project for a wet, miserable irish day like this one! Grab the kids and get them involved too!

♥ For this project you will need ♥

♥ Clean Jam Jars - I used bonne maman (a nice safe size with wide opening for lighting candles) Don't choose anything to tall or skinny!

♥ PVA glue - just your normal inexpensive brand will do the job.

♥ An old brush

♥Tissue/Crepe paper - in a range of colours and patterns.

♥ Glittery stuff to sprinkle

♥ Tealights - LED battery ones work great too.

Step one... Your work area should be protected - I find a vinyl table covering works perfectly for this as you'll be using lots of drippy glue.

Step two... Gather all your colourful tissue and rip into pieces - my favourite bit ;)*

Step three... If you haven't already scrubbed that jam jar til its squeaky clean then get it done now!. If the label is giving you headaches then spray all over with Mister sheen (furniture polish) leave for a couple of mins and wipe off.

Step four... Squeeze some pva into a plastic bowl (I used an old ice cream tub) and add a drop of water to loosen up the mixture a bit. You can sprinkle in some glitter at this point or whatever super spangly stuff you have. Mix it up!

Step five... With your brush spread a little sparkly pva onto your jam jar, then apply your pieces of tissue on top. Work in small sections and layer colours. You can't really go wrong - just have fun with it and don't go too heavy with the glue!

Please keep the inside of your jar clean, you will be lighting a candle in there remember so be safe! Now turn your little jar upside down and leave it to dry. In an hour or so you will have a lovely handmade luminary ready to use in your home! :)* Light & enjoy...



  1. I hope you enjoy Etsy Ireland's first how to! This will be a regular feature running every tuesday so mark your diary's! ;)*

    ♥ Fancy writing a tutorial for the team? Please contact Tanya at www.tanyamac.etsy.com for info! thanx!

  2. Really cool idea and sounds good for a kid project :-) Fall break is coming next week. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks :-)

  3. Lovely, Tanya! You can also wind some wire / raffia / rope around the jar and up over it to make a handle so that you can hang it from a hook - great in your garden! But be careful to make it long enough, or use tall jars with small nightlights so there's no danger of burning the raffia...

  4. cool idea Natalie - LOVE it! :)*