Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I'll show you mine...

Hi its Jane from Janeyclothing here.

I was delighted to get an email from REDPOSSUM asking me to be the first to take part in the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" weekly post. However panic quickly ensued when I looked around and the incomparable mess surrounding me. After a flurry of sorting and dumping I realized I really don't spend enough time working on the aesthetic of my studio!!!
My favorite thing about my studio is the view from my desk, looking out into the garden, I cannot express how lucky I feel to have that, it really gives a sense of perspective and peace (even for a fleeting moment)
My workspace is quite functional, but I love my cutting table. It was such a luxury after a year of cutting on an architectural drawing board, to actually have a proper cutting table I could make patterns and roll out fabric and layer it up.

Other than that I have love/hate relationship with my overlocker. As in I love it on those rare occasions when it sews like a dream and I think its the best investment I ever made. And hate it the rest of the time, as it seems to know when I'm in a bad mood and refuses to do anything resembling a neat stitch formation.

Most of my time in the studio is spent replying to and checking emails/convos. working on samples, organizing photos, relisting on etsy. Cutting, sewing, pressing, packaging orders, and generally never having enough time in the day.

When I have time I try and improve on or design new patterns. I like to look up beautiful design websites, or inspirational imagery books. Generally I am inspired by the fabric I use. Its drape,weight, colour, feel, texture. I let it inform the structure and silhouette of the garment, and try not to fight its natural qualities. I constantly strive to improve and learn new techniques and skills, there is so much out there to know.


  1. thanks for sharing Jane, great blog post! i love seeing other peoples work spaces! It's so true that workspaces can get pretty hectic, pretty quickly, nature of the beast i guess!

  2. Wow! Very clean and organized Jane!

    Great post! I love getting a peak at others workspaces. Looking forward to the rest of these weekly posts. :)

  3. It all looks beautiful Jane! Like the others above I'm always excited to see other peoples' studios; and then I'm filled with a mixture of admiration and a desire to go clear up my mess and make my space just as pretty! Can't wait to see more.

  4. Hi Jane - you have a really nice workspace - lots of natural light too. You look so organised aswell - I always plan to hang my patterns up, but they usually end up scattered everywhere!

  5. Thanks everyone. I would love to say it always looks that clean, but I would be a liar. It was a good excuse to have a massive clear out, which I had been meaning to do for a longtime anyway! Before hand all my patterns from the last 5 years were on the floor (oh dear)

  6. Ah Janey - the floor- yep that rings a bell here! ;)

    You studio though is very organized! And love the view - so important to be able to see outside.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my place is a tip in comparison - I need to get the Mr sheen out before I let you all in to poke around! Lovely feature idea - thanks for the tour Jane! :)*