Sunday, 1 February 2015

Adding variations to your listing to get more sales.

 Red guitar pick necklace by Absolutemarket on Etsy

Adding variations in to your listing is a great way to get more sales of your Etsy products if you are making your products in other sizes, colours, materials or even finishes.

I found this out very fast when I added variations to size to a few of my listings.

The main size I was selling before turned out not to be the most popular size, but once I added variations, some buyers started buying larger or smaller sizes.
These are sales I would not have got before adding variations to those listings.
Buyers would have said to themselves “it’s nice but not the size for me” and moved on to the next seller.

Now 90% of my listings have variations in them.

If your item comes in different sizes, materials, colours, finishes, or other variations, then variations in your listings are a must.
You can add these in the variations section of any listing.
You can choose up to two variations per item.

How do variations work?

Once you add variations, a buyer will be required to select an option before purchase. You’ll be able to view the options they’ve selected on your Sold Orders, Receipts, and transaction emails.
Properties and options are not incorporated into Search.

When buyers purchase your item, they’ll need to choose from the options you set in the “add variations” section of a listing.
Click the “select a property” drop-down list and choose the correct property you want to use.

You have:
Couldn’t find a property?
Add a new property

In my case I picked size, and because I picked size, the Etsy system asked “what scale are your sizes in?"

I could have picked from:
Fluid ounces

I picked inches this time.

You will be asked for options, and because I am doing size this time I added 11” in the box.
Now click the add button. 

That was my first variation set up (that was easy) but I wanted more sizes. Luckily, that's easy too as all you have to do is repeat the same, and I added 5 options.

If you don’t see the property you want you can add a custom one.
Click the Select a Property drop-down list,
Choose “add a new property”, type the name of the property, then type the options you offer in the box and click the add button. Repeat as necessary.

Don’t forget to preview the listing before going live.

Have a happy time adding variations to your listing and I hope it brings you more Etsy sales.

William Doherty

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  1. Thanks for this great tip William. I can use that in both of my shops. In Swanky jewels for bracelet sizes and chain lengths, and Amazing Beads for beads in different colours.


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