Monday 24 June 2013

The Trampoline Market, Dublin

I've had this convo from Nica, and wondered if any of you would like to attend. If you do please send an email to this address:

The other thing is that they are wondering if anyone from the team would be able to attend to give a brief talk about what the team does and our relationship with Etsy.

Unfortunately I'm right down the other end of the country, but is there anyone who LOVES our team that lives nearer, and would like to do this?

Anyway, have a look at the email, and contact the address above, for either point.


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Hi Sue,

I hope this email finds you well.

The 6th &7th of July the First edition of the Trampoline Market that I am running with a friend will take place in Ranelagh (Dublin).

We are still receiving proposals for hand makers to sell their things and we are approaching final decisions on those, however we are still open for new proposals that can full fill our 12 tables designated for that purpose. Would you know what would it be the best for me to promote this opportunity among the Etsy sellers?.

Also we have a room in the market and we will have few presenters (journalist, cinema producer, card making workshop etc) that will come to talk to an audience. Would be great to give the opportunity to an Irish Etsy seller to come and talk about quitting your regular job to do what you love the most?

Let me Sue if you can help me with this. Otherwise I would really appreciate if you could instead put me in contact with someone else that could help me instead.

Best regards and thank you,

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