Sunday 28 April 2013

Subject for Blog

At a recent team meeting we had a huge discussion about the possibility of organising some sort of club or affiliation scheme for people who can't become team members because they don't have a shop, but do enjoy reading our blog etc, and buying from shops within our team.

This is not something that can be decided upon quickly because a lot of thought would need to go into it. Here are some of the points we discussed - in no particular order:

a) Subject was brought up because I receive quite a lot of requests to join the team from people who don't have a shop, and whom I have to turn down because of that.
It seems that we are turning interested people and possible (probable) customers away.

b) We need to attract customers that are not team members, to buy from our team shops. We realise that team members are customers too, but we need more.

c) Someone (or more than one person) will need to run the scheme, as part of the team admin section.

d) Free monthly email newsletter included in scheme. Lots of photo's, articles about Ireland, team shops, team members etc etc. We could use some of the things we already do like Eyes Open Ireland and Designer profile. Mailchimp usage.

e) Discounts for members (separate from team members discounts)

f) Letters page.

g) Competitions.

h) Etsy backing in form of publicity

I) Name - what to call it.

j) Possibility that we could inform customers we already have, that buy (and have bought) from our Etsy shops and ask them if they would like to be included in the newsletter list.

k) Fun articles.

As I say, this will take a time to get organised, but it is felt that we need to harness customers that we already have, and new customers, and keep them interested in our team's shops, and keep them coming back.

I know from my own website that if I don't send out a regular newsletter for awhile, people (customers) forget that my shop exists.

We need to work hard to get customers and keep customers for our team.

Your thoughts and ideas would be welcome please.


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