Tuesday 26 June 2012

Welcome New Members

Hello Crafty Peeps
Since we last met the team has grown quite a bit
We now have 580 members
and there are 8,590 items for sale on Etsy tagged craftyirelandteam

So without further ado and for your shopping pleasure may I introduce some of our newest members

Luck Money - Linocut Block Print
by Lino Block Reality in Dublin

Vintage style notepeper
 by |Trish Middleton Design in Wexford

Celtic Knot Wood Burned and hand painted Blue (Ref:66)
By Crafts Cois Farraige in Arklow

SLS-free Handmade Jigsaw Soap
By Miss Individual in Kildare

Orange and Mandarin Lip Balm
By You Organic in Dublin

Traditional tattoo Hourglass
By Dystopia Art in Sligo

By Mireog in Dungavan

A great big Crafty Ireland Team Welcome to you all!!
We wish you lots of luck and many sales :o)

Don't forget to stop by the Team Forum for chat,advice and hints and tips...

So off you go peeps, visit our newest members shops and leave some hearts and drop some dollars.

Until Next Time


  1. 580 members!!!! WOW - we need more helpers!! :)

  2. Welcome to the team. Lovely shops! Good luck with them :-)