Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tea & Chat

Before you read this weeks interview let me introduce myself~
My name is Felicia and my Etsy shop is Scrapzville.
I've just taken over the Tea & Chat on Saturdays, ideally this would mean that I meet you lovely Etsy Ireland Team people and over a cup of tea you answer some random questions, but since we are internet-y folk, it means that you get to answer the questions by email (though drinking tea at the time is optional!)

If you would like to feature in future posts then please answer the questions and email them to me at ftdphoenix(at)iolfree(dot)ie. Don't forget to add some photos ( we all want to see your work!) and any links to your Etsy shop, blogs, website etc.

The Questions Are......
1. What has been your art/craft journey so far?
2. What are your 3 favourite products to work with?
3. What is your favourite quote?
4. If you could have a perfect work space, what would it look like?
5. Who, or what inspires you?
6. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your creative business?
7. Marmite or Marmalade?
8. What has been your proudest moment?

Now, may I introduce Amelie Gagne!

1: What has been your art/craft journey so far?
I've been painting and doing little crafty bits since as far as I can
remember... My mum thought me crochet, embroidery and knitting, my
godmother gave a craft class every Saturday where I did collage, macrame
etc... I did Presentation Design in college which touched everything from
theatre backdrop to window dressing and had several different crafty jobs
after that, my favorite being a sculptor/artist making the floats for a
big winter carnival we have in Québec...It's only after moving to Ireland
and working in an art gallery that I got the urge of concentrating on
painting, which is going quite well...! And just over a year ago I thought
of branching out in jewellery making as an other way to use the images I
was producing... I don't have any in my shop at the moment but I'm working
on that..!

2:What are your three favourite products to work with?
Mmmm. I love Windsor & Newton's Cryla and Galeria acrylic range, I like my
good old B&J brush cleaner, and my collection of brushes I suppose... Some
of them are from my college days and everytime I'm travelling somwhere
I'll pick up a brush or two... A cheap and useful souvenir...!

3: What is your favourite quote?
It's by Goethe: "Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now"

4: If you could have your perfect work space what would it look like?
I have a folder on my laptop called "studio inspiration" ;)  My ideal
space would be a large loft with skylights and LOTS of storage shelves and
would also be a gallery where people can come and see what I have in the
studio... ;)

5: Who or what inspires you?
Colours, garden design, children's books, bold designs & patterns, and I'm
a big fan of Tim Burton...

6: What is the most important lesson you have learned in your creative
The importance of dreaming big and making small steps ALL THE TIME towards
those dreams.

7: Marmite or Marmalade??
I'm a Nutella and Jam person.. ;)

8: What has been your proudest moment?
Being asked to feature on Nationwide I think...! And three years ago I had
a solo exhibition on Valentia Island and so many of my friends came over
to the opening I was really chuffed!

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Thanks Amelie!


  1. Lovely to meet you Amelie! Your art is just lovely!
    Welcome too Felicia - from another newbie!

    1. Thanks Carrie, I love Amelies art, it has such a dreamy quality!

  2. Thanks Felicia for hosting this tea and chat, lovely to read about Amelie and her work. Fi

    1. Thank you, I'd be delighted to feature your work too~ patchwork is something I love but haven't the patience to learn!

  3. Love your work Amelie. Thanks for sharing your info and I love that quote from Goethe.

  4. Welcome -
    Great to meet both of you ladies -
    Amelie, love your art work and your journey -
    I wish you both every success

  5. Great Post!
    Well done and welcome to you both!!

  6. *blush* Thanks again for the interview opportunity Felicia, and thank you ladies for all your lovely comments...!

  7. it was fun to read the interview!! I can definitely see how Tim Burton could be a wonderful influence in your work!! And your advice on succeeding is true!!

    1. Hey Kathryn good to see you popping in to this Irish blog!! Thanks for your comments ;)

  8. Beautiful pieces and what a wonderful quote. Your post is very inspiring!