Thursday 19 May 2011

Crafty News

This week's Crafty News is late and short, but then again, we just had the big news about the extension of the Etsy Ireland pop-up shop in Limerick, so if you've been awol from the Etsy Ireland bloggersphere or facebooksphere, now is the time to catch up and celebrate!

So what else is new?
  • Our very own Designbirdie is having a Blog Giveaway with lovely prices! So don't miss your chance to win some goodies - and yes, also say hello to her new blog!
  • “Latitudes” the new exhibition by Filament Fibre Artists is opening this Thursday the 19th at 6:30 pm at Airfield in Dundrum.
    If you can’t make it to the opening night you might be interested in coming to a tour of the exhibition on Sunday the 22nd at 3:00 pm or to join the Filament Fibre Artists as they celebrate National Drawing Day at Airfield on Saturday the 28th of May. Tours and drawing activities are included in the cost of entry to the Airfield Estate.
If you have any news about art and craft events, markets or National Drawing Day, please share! While Mo is hopefully enjoying some sunshine on her holidays, send your info to me, Purls, or post it in the comments.


  1. is being featured in prudence this month news? will I send a scanned in picture to you or something?

  2. That's not just news, that's fabulous news!!! A scanned in picture would be brilliant! Bring it on!

    And congratulations!!!