Wednesday 27 April 2011

Pop Up Shop Opportunity: Limerick

A Ghost Walk
On behalf of the Etsy Ireland Team I put together a proposal for an arts event in Limerick called the Catherine Street Cultural Dig 2011. Luckily the proposal was accepted and we have been given the green light to go ahead and get things organised. I put forward the idea of having a pop up shop for the weekend of the event, selling all the wares from the Etsy Ireland Team, running along side this we'll have craft demonstrations and workshops that people can join in with. The items will be for sale but the classes will be free. We have been given a prime location in Bourkes Bar, in a side room that is unused but which has two french doors out onto the main street. This is one of the busiest parts of the street and will have a steady passing trade.

The pub behind is our venue.
The logistics of getting this organised would mean people posting items to me, which I would then sell in the pop up shop. Whatever is sold all the money would go directly to you, and whatever doesn't sell will be returned by post. I would ask that people cover the cost of the return postage, please enclose the cash and a return address in the parcel. Alternatively if anyone is living near Limerick I would be delighted to get some help both setting up the event, selling, and giving craft classes. I was also thinking we need a small fund for printing posters and some flyers, so maybe if everyone who is entering work if they could donate €5 towards this cost.

The Cat Dig (as it's known for short) will be on Fri 13th-Sun 15th of May, and it is located along one of the main shopping streets in Limerick City. It is an interactive arts project that aims to bring art into the community in an engaging way, events and performances are held in shops, pubs, cafes, derelict sites, and weather permitting on the street itself. Last year there was dance, music, sound art, drawing classes, craft classes, talks on vinyl, performance art, video installation etc etc. It's a great opportunity for artists who work in lots of different disciplines to get together for one weekend to showcase their work and to engage with the community and their surroundings. I can only describe last years event as something quite magical, you can check out a great video here.

Open air dance and cello performance

So if you are interested in selling there please email me for my address. I would ask that people can start sending me things by the first week in May to make sure I have everything on time and so I can start planning the display. If you want to volunteer to help please get in touch asap. Lastly if you want to run a class on the Saturday let me know what you would be teaching and how long you would think it would take. All materials have to be supplied by ourselves.
My email is

Their facebook page.
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  1. aww wish i was available at this time to help out but will be far too busy wih college at that time:(. have been in contac with creatve limerick before about the ideas of pop up shops so hopefully it will happen moreoften

  2. Check your FB mail girlie! Happy to help! :)

  3. well done Ruth. Will be in touch.

  4. Why is Limerick so far away and I am so broke??? Wish I could be there!!!

    However, will send you some small items, so will be in touch :)

  5. Definitely interested - I'll drop you a mail!

  6. I will be sending you some items! Thanks for doing this ;)