Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Treasure Hunt. Get yer entries in o walk the plank!

The last clue has been published on our facebook page and the first entries have already sailed in!

So exciting! Who will take the booty home?????????????????

Jacob is taking his judge role rather seriously, and has already got his outfit together...

So to recap and to nudge those who got lost on the way or have been chased away by the sea monster, here are the eight clues!
  1. "Toe is to foot as Finger is to ...."
  2. "Woolly Junk Food"
  3. "To Squeeze your Mail"
  4.  "A Tree associated with Chinoisere, Chinese Vases and an Irish Spring. Captured in art form on the body" 
  5. "Explosion of Colour" (hint: Irish word)
  6.  "A Sly Shopping Centre" 
  7. "A highly polished jungle woman"
  8. "I love sewing in squares"  
These clues will lead you to the shops where the secret words are hidden (which are amazing to look at!)
Use the drop-down shop directory list here on the blog to help you find the shops. Once you have discovered the words, rearrange them into a sentence, and whisper the sentence into my ear at purlsofcolour [at] googlemail.com by 23.59 (11.59pm) on 16 March (GMT). 

Jacob says he'll be lenient to stragglers who journeyed across timezones to get to the loot and are slightly late, but once the woolly hat comes out, that's it!

Good luck to everybody - the voyage is hard, but there is a haul of swag waiting for one lucky winner!