Monday, 31 January 2011

Crafty News Desk.....

Greetings from the Crafty News Desk...

Here I sit about to start a new knitting project while I wait for all of my roving reporters to come in with some newsy bits for the weekly report. 
No sign yet.... mmmmmmm..... what to do.......
Lets have a quick look around the country and see what market news I have  ..... 
  • Crafty Market continues at the Sheeben Chic, Georges St on Sunday next 6 February 2011    craftymarket  
  • Fashion Souk will take place on Sunday, 6 February at the Europa Hotel, Belfast,  from 11am-5pm. thefashionsouk
  • Vintage and Craft Market in Airfield, Dundrum, Dublin on the last Saturday of each month airfield
  • Milk Market, Limerick - every week  milkmarketlimerick
  • Ferocious Mingle Market, Dublin is back on Sunday 13th February FerociousMingleMarket
  • DesignerMart Temple Bar is coming back on Saturday March 12th designer_mart

Fi from patchworkdelights is having her very first giveaway on her blog    blogspot giveaway  of a fab Mug Rug with GNOMES..... I love Gnomes.....  Check out her blog and her shop for some amazing patchwork delights.  Best of luck - if you win let us know here at the news desk.
Have you often thought you might like to do a little writing about a passion you have for anything crafty?  If so, why not get in touch - we would love to offer you space to share.  If you don't want to put pen to paper (of finger to keyboard) send me your ideas and maybe we can put an article together... together!!!!
( By the way - I am running some Crochet Parties in people houses here in Dublin where the host gets the 2 hour class for free. If you are interested get in touch.)
That's about it for this week.  If you see any of the roving reporters on your travels will you send them back to me before next week. 

Until then - Cheers


  1. Thanks Mo! Those crochet classes sound fab!

  2. Thanks Mo for giving my giveaway a mention much appreciated.

    Agreed Purls the crochet sounds like a great idea.


  3. thanks Mo. That's great about the classes. I will send out some feelers.