Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Introducing Designbirdie

Hi Fellow Etsians! I’m Mandi Cromer – these days also known as Designbirdie. I’m a freelance illustrator with a background in Animation and Children’s Educational Software and in my spare time I have loved getting stuck into running my Etsy Shop.

I have two gorgeous kids – Ruby and Isak - who are still mini - so designing and making often takes place around my kitchen table, rather than my studio that I share with my Graphic Designer other half, Phil.

All of my illustrations and designs are inspired by daily life - the stories, patterns, findings that I bump into everyday... and I keep a sketch pad handy (good old visual diaries, you can’t beat them!) and everything of interest goes into them.

An idea will constantly sit in my head until I try it – it doesn’t seem to go away! And I have a weird sense of humour – I’ve always been fond of playing with words and interpreting objects differently.

Starting an Etsy shop has been a real eye opener for me. The one thing I’ve found so interesting about Etsy is trend watching – I never really did that before and find it challenges me and pushes me to try new things. I’m finding that through Designbirdie I’m actually revisiting some of the techniques and interests of my college projects 15 years ago, which I'm loving! And I've always had a passion for affordable, original art - and Etsy allows that to be a reality for shoppers and sellers.

I just want to add that I have been blown away by the Etsy Ireland Blog. I find it informative, inspiring and very supportive. I feel if I were to bump into a lot of you at craft fairs that we’d chat like old friends! That’s got to be good!

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  1. How cool is Mandi?? I've loved her work since i first saw her illustated bird boxes,it's so nice to read more about her life. Yes i hope we would get on like a house on fire if we met at a craft fair :-)

  2. I adore ur Birdie House :) Sooo cute :)

  3. Great to meet you here. Love your cute drawings, badges and bird houses.

  4. oh, i just love your stuff! great style, great fun, great to meet you!!

  5. Mandi, I love your illustrations!

  6. Hi Mandi it was lovely to meet you at the big Etsy meeting. Was already a fan of your work but am lovin those heart decorations!