Wednesday 29 September 2010

Team Treasuries! Autumn in the Air

We have a running theme here! Autumn is being embraced with our treasury makers this week. I love Autumn, it's my favourite time of year. Have the leaves started changing where you are? Ours are still Green, but I'm anxious for the lovely colours of Fall.

First up, Irish Autumn by Jesse of homespunireland

Next we have, When Autumn meets Winter by Darerca

and lastly, one of mine, Autumn in Ireland...

As usual, please click, comment, share these lovely collections around! And if you are featured in one, congratulations!

Keep 'em coming!
:) Rach


  1. Love those treasuries!!!

    The leaves are starting to change here, but it is still pretty green. But there is a nip in the air, and the light is changing, too. More misty now.

  2. What rich and fabulous colours in all those treasuries!