Wednesday 19 May 2010

Hi All, My name is Margo from lilabelledesign. Over the years I have come across some fabulous blogs that inspire and give me ideas. I find these everywhere, magazines, radio, web etc etc etc. Below are some of my favourites across different categories including; fashion, interior design, food and listed either Ireland, UK or world. Feel free to comment and leave your fav blogs ;o)

Fashion Blogs - Ireland

Blanaid Hennesy a Kilkenny native is a designer, stylist, writer and DJ. A typical outfit posts sees her mix vintage with high street and the occasional splast of designer.

Becky Gray, a creative 21 year old from Avoca. Lots of great accessories and basic pieces get covered.

Whisty Blog's Dublin
Laura's blog has a high fashion slant.

Blog Award Shortlist - Ireland

Lots of great Irish blogs listed here in the blog award shortlist.

Nice Food - UK

Nice Food - Ireland

Techie Blogs - Ireland

Exercise - UK

This blog/site is managed by a cook who likes exercise - very healthy and great recipes. Go faster Food

Makeup - Ireland

50 of the worlds best design blogs

Lots and lots of blogs to browse, lots of ideas. You will dream and dream and dream ;o)

Mix Blogs - UK

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  1. Thanks Margo! Loads of good links to browse there ... as if I don't spend enough time online already. Now if I could just get the computer to actually make my coffee for me I'd be on a winner.