Friday 15 January 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

I have two new photos of Ireland for you, these are from Karin of EnglishCookies.

"I am from County down, but here are 2 photos I have taken during a week-end in Donegal, last october.

I love the grass land : it looks like a huge fluffy monster you could snug in ;D and it is always a joy to discover strangely colorful and textured mushrooms in the middle of our green-green Ireland : it always makes me happy !
Maybe it will make others smile too"

I'm always needing more photos for this feature,  I'm interested in colours, textures, composition, anything you find interesting. City or country, inside or out! You don't have to be a photographer for this, I just want to see what you love about your surroundings. They can be of your home county, or of a county you visited. Tell me why you took the photo, which county it is in and your name and etsy shop, send your images to my email address, bridbird78{at!}hotmail{dot}comI will only use them for this feature on this blog!


  1. just gorgeous! makes me want to get out an about, feel a bit healthy about myself! I espcially love the description, huge fluffy monster! i bet it is really bouncy too!