Monday 30 November 2009

Chat Night - This Tuesday 7pm ♥

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Well November whizzed by and despite my best efforts I couldn't take the time of work to schedule a team meeting!

So what do we do? Well I thought it might be an idea to take advantage of etsy's chat rooms tomorrow evening from 7pm. I realise everybody has work commitments, craft fairs to prepare for, never mind all the other preparations for Christmas so the chat room might just come in handy this December. You can stitch, sew, knit, paint, just do your thing and have a bit of craic while you're at it!

All members and followers of the blog are welcome - which is great since all our meetings have taken place in Dublin thus far and not everybody could make it. It would be a handy way to get to know each other, ask questions and exchange ideas. I hope you can make it!

Best Wishes,


  1. Great idea Tanya, I'll try my best to make it :)

  2. Great stuff!! As you said, long time no hear!!! Back on the ball again, I hope :-)

  3. yay! so I won't be on my tod then??? ;)*

  4. i will try to make it, will be a bit late (bed time for little one and dinner for bigger ones... you know the story!)! i'll bring a heart i am embroidering for a friend! see you then!

  5. tried to enter the chat room, but my old computer was having none of it,
    but will try next time. hope you had fun

  6. I missed it :( Sorry guys. Do let us know when there's another!