Monday 21 September 2009

a FancyPicnic anyone?

Last week the lovely Charlotte from (vibrant juicy textile art at its best) featured my work in her gorgeous blog as part of her weekly (and super popular) 'Shopping list' feature. I was so delighted to be included and me being me, very cheekily invited her to consider making an all Irish shopping list- yeah I know! So here we are and a week later there it is! Go on then & have a peek - it just goes to show if you don't ask.... you don't get! T xoxo ;)*

P.S Charlotte and her hubby also run a very stylish etsy shop for all the wood lovers out there. I know I'm one of them!


  1. Good going Tanya! Love the sentiment if you don't ask you won't get ... off to brush up on my asking skills ;)