Saturday, 17 August 2013

September is...Mentor Month!

 Keep going forward by jmm Cards on Etsy

Etsy is running an exciting opportunity for Etsy shop owners to improve their shops:

The Mentor Month for European Teams

Mentor month is an intense month for teams to work on their shops. The Team Captains and Leaders partner up their members as Mentors and Mentees, and then each pair works closely together to improve their Etsy shops over four weeks. They can follow along with exercises Etsy provides or work on their own goals.

There was a successfull Mentor Month for UK teams in July...and now European Teams can follow suit!

On behalf of our team, Sue and I have agreed to participate, so...the Etsy Ireland team is in!

The Mentor Month will start on 1 September 2013. The Team Leaders or Captains, will lead the Team through this programme, and will receive a resource guide on 22 August with everything they need to organize the Mentor Month.

There is also an online workshop for Team Leaders on 22 August.

For more information and signing up, please go to the Mentor Month thread in our discussion forum.

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