Sunday, 3 March 2013

Getting To Know You, Recycled.

Hi there, Anne-Marie of Handmade by Amo'r here with this month's Getting to Know You Treasury.
Welcome Wallhanging Crosstitch and Patchwork by HecketyBeckety on Etsy
Welcome Wallhanging by Heckety Beckety
This is where the Crafty Ireland Team gets to meet and greet another Etsy team in a 50-50 cross-team treasury. The idea is to introduce ourselves and mutually promote both teams.  Please give a hearty Irish welcome to this month's guests, The Era of Recycling Team.

Etsy is awash with glorious green treasuries this time of year in the run up to St Patrick's Day. Thank you Etsy people around the globe for acknowledging our tiny green isle!!  I thought I'd go green in a different way and sought out a team that believed in recycling, upcycling, being Eco-friendly and using sustainable materials.

'Getting To Know You - Let's Recycle Together' by byAMOR

The Crafty Ireland Team says HELLO to The Era of Recycling Team. Let's go Green in a different way for St Patrick's Day

Reusable Snack Bag - Pink Ca...

Blue and white recycled cera...

Recycled Tin Geometric Disc ...

6 Origami flowers // Your fl...

Wearable art fabric brooch w...

Magenta Aspen Leaf Recycled ...

SALE / Kids pillow/ Personal...

Pink flower clutch purse

Gold Metal Picture Frame, 5 ...

Cersei. Handmade Purple Etch...

Handknitted neckwarmer in ba...

Blue paper bead necklace/bra...

Recycled Glass Bottle or Jar...

Hot pink mobile phone sleeve...

Handmade birthday card, flow...

Seagrams Platinum Select Vod...

And continuing with the theme, here are a couple of super simple ideas for recycling or re-using in the home. No skills required!

Candle holder made with re-purposed souffle packaging (glass ramekin) and tiny pieces of frosted sea glass. (more info here, on my own blog if required)

Don't discard those laddered stockings and tights! Cut the 'foot' off and cover the end of your broom for an amazing cobweb and animal hair duster. An old sock will work ok too, but the static electricity of the nylon really draws fluff, dust and dander like a magnet. And it's more Eco-friendly than plugging in your vacuum cleaner every time! 

Have you got any quick and easy tips for recycling and re-using at home? Please do comment below.


  1. Wonderful article, AM. And I love the idea of reusing an old nylon stocking - will try it out soon!

  2. Enjoyed it! Thank you again for including The Era of Recycling team's items. Wonderful way to share!

    1. Loved looking at items from your team...sparked a few ideas for repurposing and recycling more materials in my crafting.

    2. I notice you used Black Tights there any reason for this ..? my 19 yr old granddaughter wears thick Black 120 denier Tights ..would these be suitable ..? regards Elaine

    3. The colour or denier doesnt matter. Nylon works best as it creates static so all the dust & fluff jumps to it but even an old sock will pick up a lot of the dirt. I used the black stocking for this pic because it was already ripped.

  3. Lovely as always Anne-Marie :). The candle holder idea is really lovely- the colours must reflect beautifully. Whenever any of my candles in glass holders have burnt out I clean out the holder and reuse it- they are especially pretty with little coloured tealights and I'd imagine that some of you would make amazing creations!

  4. Well done Anne-Marie, recycle , upcycle...we must thinking on it more
    often ,maybe get ideas from "recycling team"could be a good option !
    Thanks for the new "getting to know you"

  5. Thank you for using my wall hanging!!

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