Friday, 1 March 2013

Are you on Flickr?

Hi there My name is Fiona (aka I am keeping an eye on the Flickr end of things. For those of you who haven't heard of flickr it is basically a photo sharing place. If you have a facebook account you can simply sign in using your Facebook account. Otherwise just open a yahoo account and join Flickr. It is very very simple. Now a lot of you are already in the Crafty Ireland group but we have now started up the Etsy Ireland Group which is ties in obviously with the blog and so forth. So if you don't mind just join the new group. Then simply take good clear pretty photos of your works of art and upload them to your space. You can add your photos to "groups". One important group to join is the Etsy Ireland Group. Here is the link. In the meantime here are some beautiful items from your Etsy Ireland team mates who have joined the new group.


  1. Hi, that flickr link is no good and I can't find those soaps on Etsy search. Can you tell me where they're from?

  2. I just checked and the link works perfectly so perhaps the page was being updated when you checked. You need to click the highlighted text that says 'the link' and if it still doesn't work for you here is the url:-

    If you search for soap on Etsy then look at the shop location and type in 'Ireland', the soaps come up straight away. I know not all shops featured on here are in Ireland but it helps (it's great for finding items for treasuries too!). The soap is a 'Natural Soap Set, Soap Gift Set, 2 Bars of Handmade Soap' and is by Cork based Dr K Soap Company, and here is the url:-