Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toejam and Etsy Ireland Minimall - 27th October

Hi Everyone

I think I've posted a copy of this to everyone who expressed an interest in attending the event, but in case I missed you I'm posting it here so that you can copy and paste and fill it in to send to Purls.
Also if any new members wish to attend, please feel welcome to fill the form in too.

This email is for all of those of you who expressed an interest in attending 'The Toejam & Etsy Ireland Minimall'.

Would you please fill in the attached questionnaire and return it to Purls here:
purlsofcolour@googlemail.com by Sunday 2nd September.
Purls will be categorising who is doing what, and will get back to you with confirmation details by 7th September.


Your full name:

Your Etsy Ireland Shopname:

Your mobile phone no:

Are you applying for a table space (to be there in person) or to have items sold by a volunteer?:

If you want to have your items sold by a volunteer, have you made arrangements with somebody already, or do you need the Etsy Ireland Admins to assign somebody to sell your items?

What will you be selling on the day? (simple description & price range):

Would you be willing to sell another team members work on your table?:

If yes, have you made arrangements with an Etsy Ireland team member to sell his/her items already?

NB. If anyone is unable to make it or somebody can't make it after all, please let us know as soon as possible, but by 20th October at the very latest, so that we can allocate the table to somebody else (of course sudden emergencies excluded).

Kind Regards



Edited by Purls on 13 Sept 2012: All tables are now taken!

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