Wednesday 25 January 2012

Sue Graham from amazingbeads says -

Hi Everyone,

We are having a few changes within the team.

First I would like to thank all of those team members who have being doing sterling voluntarily work for us, but who now want to move on.

Second. We have new members to the Admin Team, and new activities too.

Here is the new set up:

Leader - Still me folks!

Second Leader - Still Purls folks!

Purls will helping me as ' The Other Leader'.

The team is getting larger and larger (nearly 500 now, which is fantastic, and more people joining daily), and there is more and more work to be done to keep it running smoothly, so Purls will be there in the background, giving help to us all, and covering for me when I can't do stuff (which is often).

Blog Co-ordinator - The Blog is now being run by Caroline Kelly (CariDesign).

Caroline is responsible for the blog and everything that goes onto it.

We will be looking for loads of articles from you all, so that Caroline doesn't do all the writing herself.

New Members - Ellen (Spiralgoddess)

Ellen will still be doing the New Members write ups.

Here I have to give Ellen, and all the new members I've neglected, my sincere apologies. It's been so busy with everything that I haven't been able to get this info to Ellen for ages.

I promise that I will start again from 1st February once all these things are up and running.

Team Treasuries - Fiona (Patchworkdelights)

Eyes Open Ireland - Ellen (Spiralgoddess)

The Team Treasuries is working really well, but you know what? We need to get more photo's to Ellen for Eyes Open Ireland. Lets get working on that!

Tea and a Chat With - Felicia (Scrapzville)

Felicia has taken this over, so give her loads of help please and volunteer to have a chat with her.

* * * * *

There are some things that still have a question mark over them, as to the co-ordinators.
I am waiting for responses.

These are:

Crafty Digest
Pinterest - This is new, and we had someone to run it, but luckily for her, and sadly for us, she got a new job, and so will be too busy, so it's on hold just for the mo.

* * * * *

Then we have got two new sections. These are:

1) Getting To Know You - Raphaele (LaCreatureandYou)

This is a treasury that Raphaele will be co-ordinating once a week, to be posted on the blog on a Friday.

It will involve items from our own team and another Etsy team.

It will be great to link with other people/teams, and get to know them, and their circles willl be showing our items to new people, and vice versa.

2) Etsy Ireland Craft Exchange :- Clare (Petalavenue)

This will be an exchange group co-ordinated by Clare. It will be between any of our own team members that wish to participate. Exchanges will be well matched etc. Don't worry. Clare has it sorted, and will post more about it very soon.

* * * * *

Phew! A very long post.

I am going to post a brief, very brief, resume next, just so that you can all refer to it, when you need to contact someone.

You might want to copy and paste it to somewhere for easy reference.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped in the past, and a huge thank you, and even bigger welcome to all the new members of the Admin Team as of now.

* * * * *

And - one more thing - there are two peole who you never get to hear about, but who are working solidly in the background, and they are:

Robert (Dr K Soap Company), who does the categories list
and Maggie (The Bowmakers), who does the blog web design

* * * * *

Actually I'm going to do that resume in another post because otherwise it will all be too much.

Lets all get more involved right now.


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  1. Yes, your 'other leader' is churning in the background, a little bit like a computer processor :)

    Welcome to our new committee members!!!