Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This is part of what goes into the info I send out to new members. It will need an update once all the question marked things are sorted...


The blog acts as the shop window and the notice board for the team so it’s wise to check in on a regular basis for all the latest happenings.

The blog team are working really hard to create an interesting weekly structure and its already attracting lots of overseas visitors too.

The main blog items are written and uploaded by Caroline Kelly (CariDesign). We welcome all sorts of articles so if you have any, or write any new posts that you think might be interesting to other members of the team, please forward them to Caroline via her shop link. (Here it is again : CariDesign ).

The blog also carries weekly features, I have listed them below, with the people responsible for them :-

Mondays : Crafty Digest - Co-ordinator to be confirmed
Tuesdays: New Members – Ellen (Spiralgoddess)
Wednesdays: Team Treasuries – Fiona (Patchworkdelights)
Fridays: Getting To Know You - Raphaele (LaCreatureandYou)

Saturday: Tea and a Chat with – Felicia (Scrapzville)
Sunday: Eyes Open Ireland – Ellen (Spiralgoddess)


Etsy Ireland /Meets Another Team/Treasury/Getting To Know You :
– Raphaele (LaCreatureandYou)

This treasury involves items from our team and another team. The aim is to promote our team to new people, and people from the other team to our members.

Etsy Ireland Craft Exchange :
- Clare (Petalavenue)

Clare organises swaps between team members. If you would like to participate please contact her direct.

Being active in the team both on the discussion pages on Etsy, and on the blog will really keep your exposure up, so please do get involved

.* * * * *

On the blog you'll also find a cool 'Etsy Ireland' button to grab for your own blog (if you have one) and a choice of Etsy Ireland business cards if you’d like to print them.

* * * * *


Official Etsy Ireland Team Page – Everyone can post here: -

For a bit of banter, advice and team news (Etsy just launched this new format, and if you choose to join our team I’ll send you an invite.)

Our Flickr Group For Members Photos -

These photos also show up on the team blog.
Official Facebook Fan Page -

To be one of our Facebook featured 'sellers of the day' please convo (co-ordinator to be confirmed) with a link to the item in your shop that you want featured, and all your relevant links, and she may pick you for a post on the fan page.

You don’t need a Facebook account to be featured. Please feel free to comment on the wall with any giveaways/competitions that you ever have going on, and add a positive review if you’ve ever had a positive experience dealing with one of the team.


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