Sunday, 22 January 2012

Eyes Open Ireland

Hello Crafty Team Members 
Ellen here from The Spiral Goddess
with a call to arms!!
Ask not what your team can do for you,
but what can you do for your team!!


This is a monthly spot on the Team Blog
Featuring Team Members Photo's of places that inspire you or your favorite hide away.
Maybe pictures you caught of a sunrise or stormy day that you love.
A thing you spotted that inspired you to make something.
A place a million miles away or in your back garden
or simply moments in time captured forever....

Share them with us and tell why you love them and how they inspire you.
In return we will post links to your Etsy shop, Blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.
So come on team show us what ya got!!!

Rialto Bridge Venice

Here's one of my favourite places, Venice Italy.
We went there last leap year for a wedding.
4 years later I still look back on these pictures whenever I need a little pick me up :o)

St Marks Square

Having read a story about Venice as a little girl I fell in love with images of the gondola filled canal's.
The idea of Masked Balls and Magical Walkways fascinated me.

Rush Hour Venice Style :o)
How I wished I could go there....
Especially for Valentines Day
And eventually I did!!
 Venice did not disappoint
  Doorways to Secrets on Every Street
It was as Magical as I had imagined and for me it's all about The Magic :o)
I bought some blank mask's that would be worn to the famous masked ball's and took them home and tried to paint them....... lol!!
 Lets just say they looked better in my imagination.
But I never looked back I came home all inspired and started creating again
and now here I am with a little shop and writing for this blog.
♪♫♫♪ Just One Cornetto ♪♫♪♫
In the past the posts were all about Ireland
but we have members all over the globe and I think we would all enjoy seeing what International Irish Eyes are seeing all over the world :o)
So come on team start sending me your pics and your stories.
I'm starting this off again as a monthly piece but if there's enough interest it could go weekly.
As you can see from my pictures you don't have to be a fantastic photographer
just tell us why you love the pictures you love!!

Please contact me through my Etsy shop
Or send your Pics and stories to me at my email

Till Next Time

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  1. One place I really want to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos.