Thursday, 7 October 2010

Crafty Ireland to the Rescue!

This week, we've been bombarded with news about Cuts and more Cuts (UK and Northern Ireland) and Ireland's financial situation - it's enough to say 'Ireland', sigh, and roll your eyes - everybody knows what that means.

So, I - Brigitte from PurlsofColour - was thinking today that nobody is better equipped to deal with the new period of austerity then the artists, artisans and creatives of Ireland and the UK. After all, we are used to tighten the belt and live on nothing but love for our craft and the odd handout. And then we are told that we aren't doing a proper day's work...that our products aren't competitive, that we should behave more like big business and charge less.

Today, when I looked at my last sad fiver, it suddenly occurred to me that I should hire myself out to the Conservative/Lib Dem government as a 'Cutback and Austerity Expert and Consultant'. I really do know all about living on a tight budget, and this could be a nice sideline. Mind you, I'd rather work for Ed Miliband...but no matter how much I like the man, I doubt he's ever stood in a supermarket with the last fiver in his hand, working out how to feed yourself with it for a few days, and feeling very glad that at least you still had coffee and toilet roll at home. Well, you can live without coffee (sort of...), but when you are on your last loo roll, things ARE BAD! Anyway, if Ed has been there, do tell me, and my words...or some humble pie made with a tin of Baked Beans (and I will post a pic of it, promise!)

Unfortunately, we creatives and crafters can't go into winter hybernation like my two bear models to save on heating and food costs, in fact, it's the busy season and we have one eye on the bills, and another one on the Christmas business (if there is any with all the cuts and crisis...).

But we are positive and highly motivated, and will come to the rescue in difficult times like these!

My view is, if we all have to tighten our belt (further), then the politicians have to go first. Since they might not quite know how to live a more spartan but still stylish lifestyle without a huge expenses bill, I thought the Crafty Ireland Team can help. I'm certainly available to hire, but the following products would also be very useful to our politicians across the political spectrum:

The Scissors

As shown above, this nifty pair of scissors, sold by Nicedaysupplies will help the politicians cut their credit cards and their expenses, and start a new life of frugality, simplicity and hard work!

The Handbag

Beautiful 80s handbag by thelittlebluecottage, big enough to hold a lunch box and and reusable (tap) water bottle. Will definitely keep the costs of living down, and also evoke some fond 1980s memories for some (handbagging optional).

The Messenger Bag

Sold by AFrameofMind, this funky bag is a must for all politicians who might take up cycling to cut down petrol costs and health bills. It's big enough to hold a bicycle pump and repair kit. Also will make you look hip with the young voters!

The Coin Purse

BeeLiciousCrafts' cute coin purse will help politicians to count the pennies and save a pound! Also, since it is small, you can't put a lot of money in...


These hand-tied beautiful flyfishing flies for trout and salmon by one of our newest members, NoFliesOnYou, will certainly bring politicians back to earth - nothing more satisfying and low cost than to catch your own dinner. It might also help with fishing for voters...

Keep down those heating bills

This bright scarf knitted from recycled wool by ConsciousCrafts will keep politicians' necks warm if the heating will ever be turned down in parliament to keep the costs low. Also very useful if they'd go outside to do some gardening and growing their own vegetables in the new cost-cutting parliamentary allotments.
Very handy for Northern Irish politicians whose throats might feel hoarse after too much ranting. But they might prefer a different colour scheme.

Use your time wisely...

Lovely box of buttons by PackagesandStrings, comes in a vintage box which might remind some politicians of the good old times when thrift was the norm, everybody knew their place, and nobody was on benefits. While sitting listening to speeches, MPs, MLAs or TDs could do a spot of mending to replace lost buttons or jazzing up their second hand suits with some new ones.


And since so much spinning is done during debates, bored - excuse me - awake and alert politicians could use their hands to work on a real drop-spindle. This gorgeous carding wool by KnitSpinFelt can be spun into beautiful wool, and you never know, some politicians might join the Etsy Ireland Team with their fine yarns and beautiful fibres.

Welcome to the fold!

Any further suggestions as to how to help our politicians saving costs are very welcome!

A more serious debate on the situation in Ireland will take place at the end of October. For more information, check out this post.


  1. This might be my favourite Etsy Ireland post ever.

  2. Ha ha well done Purls! Tears rolling down my face in laughter.....brilliant...and then there's plenty of wool to pull over our eyes so we won't complain....

  3. great post, love it :)

  4. Thanks :) I was laughing when I wrote it! Anne-Marie, I love your comment about the wool!!!

  5. Oh, thanks! I'm late commenting, as usual, but I love your post. Thanks for featuring my carded wool!

  6. Lovely and inspiring and a great sales pitch, too! Thank you for including our felted recycled wool scarf in the blog!

  7. and if the powers that be joined our team, they could avail of that packaging discount and save the tax payer a fortune on brown envelopes..ahem...

  8. Great post Bridgette....
    (eyes closed) I am getting an image of a soapbox, a group of politicans sitting in a semi circle.... all learning to knit and sew...mmmmm

  9. Well that certainly put a smile on my face - thanks Brigitte!!


  10. Great post Brigitte,it not only held my attention but gave me a few good laughs also.
    I do think you have a gift for writing,maybe some short stories in book form!!!!