Thursday, 7 October 2010

Achtung Baby - Venue Change for Dublin Meeting!

Due to rising numbers, the venue of our Dublin meet-up on 9 October 2010 has been changed from the Snail Bar to the Market Bar! Angela made a booking, and there is plenty of space for all of us!
Both venues are in Fade Street, so if you know the directions to the Snail Bar, you will be able to find the Market Bar (A=Snail Bar, B=Market Bar):

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I'll be posting the information on the Etsy Ireland thread, on the Storque thread (as a comment) and on Twitter. Please spread the word! Thanks :)

Looking forward to the meeting - see you Saturday!


  1. oh cool, are there loads of us going so? Great!

  2. Yes, over 25!!! :)

    I just hope I will hear at least one of my alarm clocks at 6am (ouuuuch!)

  3. great! (I mean the number of people, not 6am wake up....sympathies)