Saturday, 2 October 2010

Claiming Our Future

Hi Everyone!

I would like to try and draw your attention to the following event. The Claiming Our Future Event is taking place in the RDS, Dublin on October 30th and will be a platform for all you great people out there to have say in the future of Ireland. It's not an event that has been orgnanised by any political party or trade union, its simply a day when people from all types of background and experience can come together to exchange ideas about making change in Ireland. Below is some information taken from their website

Ireland is at a critical moment. You can help turn this crisis into a positive turning point.
Claiming our Future is a unique event. It offers a chance for people, trade unions, community organisations, environmental groups and other civil society organisations to not just talk about a better way – but to take new inspiring steps. It aims to foster a unity across civil society and to power a progressive movement to reshape Ireland’s recovery and claim our social values.
Claiming our Future will launch and mould that movement for an equal, sustainable and thriving Ireland. Already, individuals, communities and progressive groups from every corner of Ireland
have begun to get involved.

Personally I will be attending the event and meeting up with friends who will be there also and I'll be undertaking some research for my masters. I really think the Etsy people of Ireland could and have some great, inspiring, artisitc and innovative ideas that will contribute in a positive way to the above event! Entry is free, but you do need to register at

Hope to see you there!
Rebecca - LuckyRainbowDesigns


  1. Argh, I've just booked my ticket to the Knitting and Stitching Show on 28th October at the RDS! Oh well, I prefer to be there on a Thursday rather than a packed-out hall on the Saturday. Still, it's a pity I'll miss the event!!!

    The event sounds great, so hopefully a lot of you can go!

  2. Wish I could afford to travel down from Cork!